Art Through the Ages


We are getting ready to begin our third year of Art Through the Ages! This program teaches art history and projects to students in grade one through six. We will be covering five units and a little under 100 years. We are starting with Post Impressionism and the creation of unions (we've got to do something about child labor!). We will then discuss the devastation of WWI and how that effected the Expressionists. Realism and Surrealism gave artists a way to cope with the Great Depression and the sadness that accompanied that. Next, students really can solve the world's problems, specifically those created in WWII. Artists react with Abstract Expressionism and a new way to do art. Finally everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and realizes that they are being sold to using shape and colors in Pop Art.

We are looking for volunteers to help teach the students these various forms of art. Art Through the Ages is completely run by volunteers so if there is no volunteer then your child's class will miss out. To volunteer, sign up at the Back-to-School Curriculum Night or contact your child's teacher or room mom. Volunteers will attend a training session and learn how to teach students the art history and various art projects. The Post Impressionism volunteer training session is Sept. 7 at 9 a.m.

Here is the 2011-12 Schedule:

Sept. 12-16: Part I, History of Post Impressionism

Sept. 19-23: Part II, Post Impressionism Art (Van Gogh's Starry Night)

Nov. 7-11: History of Expressionism

Nov. 14-18: 3-D art project (Chagall, Matisse)

Jan. 23-27: History of Realism and Surrealism

Jan. 30-Feb. 3: Surreal collage (Max Ernst, Salvador Dali)

March 12-16: History of Abstract Expressionism

March 19-23: Action painting canvas (Jackson Pollack)

April 16-20: History of Pop Art

April 23-27: Self- portrait silk screens (Warhol)