Schedule for Presidential Fitness Testing


Students in grades 1-6 will be participating in the Presidential Fitness Test this year at Draper Elementary. One of its primary goals is to encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyles among young people. Initial testing will be held during the weeks of Sept. 12-16 and Sept.19-23 during your child’s scheduled P.E. time. Final testing will be held in April. Parent volunteers, organized through the PTA’s Health, Safety and Welfare Committee, will be assisting teachers with this activity.

The Presidential Fitness Test, measures children’s level of physical fitness (strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance) in five activities: sit-ups, shuttle run, push-ups, sit and reach, and endurance walk/run.

Students will celebrate their achievements based on their performances. In order to make the fitness test run as smoothly as possible, and be enjoyable for the children, we would appreciate your help in reminding your child to wear appropriate clothing on his/her PE day.

Class PE schedules are as follows:

Monday: Krause, Taylor, Sharp, Chacon

Tuesday: Larson, Chiu, Asay, Anderson (5th), McBride, Anderson (1st)

Wednesday: Brand, Owens, Johnson (4th), Johnson (5th) Eng/Watts, Haggerty

Thursday: Abercrombie, Smooth, Pixton, Heywood, Pearson, Lee/Snow

For more information on the testing or other President’s Challenge activities, please go to We hope that the Presidential Fitness Test will boost your child’s desire to be active and healthy. Your encouragement and support is greatly appreciated!