Preparing Your Child for the CRTs


From now until May 17, students in grade 3-6 will be taking the Criterion Referenced Tests (CRTs). These tests determine whether your child has mastered the Math, Language Arts, and Science Core Curriculum for his/her grade level.

You can held your child do well on the test by doing the following:
¡ Ensure your student arrives well rested, relaxed, and prepared to show what they have learned.
¡ Avoid cramming for these comprehensive tests.
¡ Help your child learn in a consistent manner throughout the year which greatly improves long-term retention of concepts and skills. We don’t just want students doing well on tests; we want them remembering the information and being able to use it in meaningful ways for many years to come.

The concepts learned during the elementary years are vital building blocks for the concepts that will come in middle school, high school, and college.