Air Quality Guidelines for Recess


Are you wondering what happens at school when the temperature is too cold to go outside or the air quality is poor?  Today begins our fourth straight day of INSIDE RECESSES and many are wondering what the guidelines are.

As discussed and determined by our previous School Community Council, Draper Elementary has set 23 degrees as our tipping point in determining whether our students will be asked to play inside or out.  If it is below 23 degrees the RED flag will be posted outside the front door and in the lunchroom, helping everyone know that they need to be inside.  If there is no RED flag flying then it is an outside day.
Air Quality is another item we track during this time of year.  The school receives daily emails from the Utah Department of Health/Air Quality that help us know if students should remain inside.  We monitor this information and follow the Health Departments recommendations for INSIDE RECESS.  You can check current conditions and recommendations at and click on “current conditions.”  Please refer to the attached guidance document as well.   It is very important that you have noted in SKYWARD any health conditions that we need to be aware of that may be critical during these smoggy cold days.

I do appreciate most of you sending your students dressed for the weather.   Their little bodies love to get out and run around, and we hope to see clearer and warmer days soon.

Thank you for all your support.

Kenna Sorensen, Principal