Presidential Fitness Testing Starts Monday


Children in grades 1-6 will be participating in Presidential Fitness Testing during the weeks of April 15-18 and April 22-25 during scheduled PE times.  One of our primary goals is to encourage and promote healthy and active lifestyles among our students. 

The Presidential Fitness Test measures children’s level of physical fitness  (strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance) in five activities:
Shuttle run
 Sit and Reach
 Endurance Run/Walk

In order to make the fitness test run as smoothly as possible, and be enjoyable for the children, we would appreciate your help in reminding your child to wear appropriate clothing on his/her PE day.  Class PE schedules are as follows: 

Monday               Tuesday                        Wednesday                        Thursday          
Krause                    Larson                            Crawford                        Abercrombie         
Brand                     Edde                              Smoot                              Owens         
Johnson (4th)         Hung                             Pixton                               Asay
Heywood               Sharp                            Johnson (5th )                   Tracy
Longaker               Chung                           Watts                                 McBride
A. Anderson          J. Anderson                    Haggerty                           Lee

For those who would like additional information on the Presidential Fitness Test or other President’s Challenge activities, please go to  We hope that the Presidential Fitness Test will boost your child’s desire to be active and healthy.  Your encouragement and support is greatly appreciated!