Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures


We have many new families at Draper Elementary this year, so it is likely that there may be some confusion in regards to how we drop off and pick up students.  The following are the procedures for the Draper Elementary parking lot, and to ask for your help with following these procedures before and after school.  Principal Riddle emailed these procedures to all parents today, Aug. 20.

1. Vehicles that are lined up along the curb entering 12600 S. are in line, waiting for their turn to enter the parking lot's drive-through/pick-up lane. Please get in that line and wait your turn to enter the pick-up/drive-through lane -- do not "cut" into the line.  Do not drive past those vehicles unless you are planning to park in a stall. 

2. It is our priority to get buses and cars through as quickly as possible, so that we can open up both lanes for pick-up and so that we can get the waiting line moving.  If you have parked your car or walked over to pick up your student, please be patient as we prioritize traffic flow, as we may ask you to wait before we have you use the crosswalk to the school.

3. Today we discussed parking lot safety with our students.  We have taught them that we must use crosswalks when crossing the parking lot.  Please help us maintain safety for everyone at Draper by using the crosswalk and not taking short cuts through traffic lanes.  

It is our intention to provide a safe environment for all Draper patrons.  Your help and support in maintaining order and safety in our parking lot is very much appreciated.  Thank you for trusting us with your children -- and for helping Draper to continue to establish "excellence in all we do." If you have any questions, please contact our office and we are happy to explain our parking lot procedures further.