School Improvement Plan


Dear Draper Families,

Our School Community Council met recently, and as we discussed the changes that have been made at Draper Elementary this school year, the council encouraged me to outline those efforts for school improvement with all Draper families.  The following items have been put in place this school year:

·       To increase student achievement in Literacy and Math:
o   School-wide computer-based math computation program
o   Computer aide to support school-wide math practice during computer class time
o   Reading intervention aides for grades K-3
o   Reading intervention training for classroom teachers grades K-5
o   Progress monitoring and intervention by classroom teachers for students struggling in literacy and/or math

·       To increase the opportunity for teachers to collaborate and problem-solve around student data and instruction:
o   Established “Specials” rotations – supplemental classes in Music, PE, Computers, Library-Media, and Art Through the Ages
o   Repurposed funding previously used for copy aides to hire Music aide and PE aide – prioritizing funds for direct student-services
o   Grade level teams meet weekly for planning, professional development, and student-centered instructional problem-solving
o   Achievement Coach prioritizing core instructional support for classroom teachers through mentoring and instructional coaching

·       To increase student socialization and unity across grade levels (particularly between dual immersion and general ed classes):
o   Grade level classes are mixed up during Specials rotations
o   Grade level “Dragon trainings” encouraged every Friday afternoon for grade level activities that either mix classes up and/or involve the entire grade level meeting together

·       To increase safety and supervision at recess:
o   Additional staff hired and assigned to recess duty; an increase from 2 recess aides to 4 recess aides during the busiest recess times
o   PE classes teach recess games to encourage appropriate recess activities

·       To increase positive student behaviors and school-wide behavior efforts:
o   Increased Positive Behavior Intervention and Support implementation with school-wide posters and instruction
o   Assigned new school psychologist as school-wide behavior coach, whose services include
School-wide behavior plans
Individualized student behavior plans
Social skills groups and student support groups
·       To increase support and ongoing implementation of Chinese-language dual immersion:
o   Re-established research-based state program model (e.g., preserving Chinese-language classroom by establishing the environment as Chinese-only)
o   Hired two Chinese-language aides for student intervention/support
o   Increasing efforts for collaboration between English-language and Chinese-language teachers for instructional planning in Math and Science.

This outlines just a few of the exciting initiatives we have in place at Draper this year.  We also have been working towards additional opportunities for enrichment and learning through Before- and After-School Programs. 

At Draper Elementary, we are excited about the positive outcomes we are already experiencing as we work together to benefit students.  As a new principal, I am passionate about student-centered leadership and making decisions based on better outcomes for our kiddos.  I am also grateful for the incredible parents, students, and staff we have at our school, and am humbled by the opportunity to work with you.  We are fortunate to have so many wonderful opportunities for learning and growth within our school community, as we strive to nurture students to be competent, safe, kind, and responsible contributors to society.  Thank you for all that you do to support your child and our school.