Parenting Classes


Jordan School District is offering a variety of parenting classes that are open to the public.  These classes are free and offered to the public three times a year. You do not have to live in Jordan District to attend.  There are a few classes that have limited enrollment and preference will be given to Jordan District students and parents.

You can view the classes here. 

Classes include the following:
- Anger management for adults, high school, middle school and elementary school students.
- Helping young adults (ages 17-21) with Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Truancy
- Effective parenting
- Effecting teacher training
- Study skills for teenagers (grades 7-12)
- Suicide prevention training for educators (enrollment is limited)
- Safeguarding Children and Teens: A seminar for parents on bullying, Internet safety, substance use and abuse and symptoms of suicide
- Strengthening Stepfamilies
- Helping children cope with divorce (ages 7-12)
- Helping children with ADD/ADHD
- Helping elementary students with commons concerns at school
- Helping children who are sad or worried (grades 3-6)
- Social skills group for students with autism spectrum disorder (grades 3-6, and grades 7-9), limited enrollment
- Helping Children Make and Keep Friends (Parent Group and Children’s Group) (Grades 2-6) 
- Supporting Your Child Socially: A Class For Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
- Parenting the Difficult Child/Teen: Coping With Conflict At Home
- Self-esteem for girls in grades 7-10

The Canyons Family Center also offers parenting classes.  To learn more click here.