Red Ribbon Week Starts Monday


Draper Elementary students will participate in Red Ribbon Week activities next week, Oct. 24-27. Red Ribbon Week commemorates the heroic actions and sacrifice of DEA Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena who died at the hands of drug traffickers in Mexico while fighting the battle against illegal drugs.

Draper students will recognize this event with theme days, daily drug facts (grade appropriate), signing pledge cards (Draper Police will present to the City Council), and completing schoolwork in RED ink.

Theme days are as follows:
Monday: “Band together against Drugs” (wear headbands, silly bands, wrist bands)
Tuesday: “Turn your back on Drugs” (wear your shirt backwards)
Wednesday: “Sock it to Drugs” (wear crazy socks)
Thursday: “I am REDdy to say No to Drugs” (wear as much RED as you can)

Draper Elementary is hosting a Parent Education Evening, Wednesday, Oct. 26 from 7-8:30 p.m. There will be a drug awareness presentation by Drug Free Draper, an internet safety presentation by Sally Linford, an online math presentation by Camille Cole (Draper’s technology specialist), and a discussion by Ou Laoshi on “pinyin” and ways for parents to assist students learning Chinese. Each of these 30-minute presentations will be offered three times during the evening so parents can attend any three in any order. The PTA will also be hosting a refreshment station. Due to the sensitive nature of some of these topics, we ask that children be left at home and PARENTS ONLY attend.

We hope that you will remind and encourage your children to participate in the daily activities, and, if you haven’t already, begin an open dialogue with them about the dangers of drug use.