Fun Run Pledge Packets Due May 25


Students received their Fun Run pledge packets yesterday afternoon following our kickoff assembly.  Our goal is $46,000, which includes $30,000 for a mobile computer lab and $16,000 for PTA programming/assistance.  This fundraiser allows us to keep 100 percent of the money collected and provides donors with a tax-deductible opportunity to make a difference at Draper Elementary.  It also encourages physical activity, school spirit, school unity, and most of all, FUN!  If every student can bring in donations of $65 or more we will reach our goal.  Students need to return their packets to school by May 25.

In addition to asking friends, family, and/or neighbors for a donation, students might consider some of the following activities to help raise funds for their school:

Mow a neighbor’s/grandparent’s lawn
Pull weeds
Donate a part of their allowance
Set up a lemonade stand
Wash windows
Have a garage sale and donate a portion of profits
Have an art/LEGO/other show and charge “admission”
Be creative, and come up with an activity that will utilize students' talents and/or abilities

Please ask your employer if any matching donation programs for education are available.

If you own or know of businesses that would be willing to be a corporate sponsor our fun run, it’s not too late!

Please contact Brenda Andrewsen or Erin Miller