Sponsors Needed for Fun Run


To: Draper Elementary Parents and Families
From: Your FUN RUN Committee
What: We need your HELP!
Why: We need new laptops for our school. Currently there are not enough laptops for students to complete testing in a timely manner. All state mandated testing has to take place on computers! Gone are the days of the punch card and pencil. CRT Testing takes almost the entire month of May, occupying the computer lab. We are trying to raise enough money through our FUN RUN (held on June 1) to cover the cost of the new lab (30 laptops) which is $30,000 and the general PTA fund which is $16,000 for a grand total of $46,000. We know this is an ambitious goal but great things can be achieved when we work together for our students.
How: Sponsorships! We are looking for businesses to help sponsor our FUN RUN. Maybe your family business, a neighbor who owns a business, a supportive local business can all be possibilities. It is amazing the kind of local support that is out there that would love to help if asked. We have close to $4,000 so far committed from local businesses for this great event! The FUN RUN Committee has come up with some great ways to recognize businesses that support this fantastic fundraiser. If you can get us the information by Thursday, May 10, your company logo can go on the fundraising packets that will go home to every student next week.
Contact: Please contact Brenda Andrewsen at andrewsen@comcast.net or Erin Miller at e2miller@hotmail.com for additional information on sponsorships.
Thanks: Thank you again for helping the school with this project. It is only through the help of the entire Draper Elementary community that we can achieve great things for our students.